Why do you get so much hate? You're relatively passive, I mean, about other people, heck it seems to me quite friendly. You've got some problems you are dealing with, and you really don't need this extra slack you're getting from people, Your opinions are a bit controversial, I /guess/ but in way hateful or mean. So then, why are so many people rude and hateful to you all of people? You deserve and need none of it. I think people should back off their attitude and discuss educatedly and calmly.

Maybe it’s because I’m not trying to appear likable, nice or considerate of others. I hate way too many things in this world, including a great deal of people. Humans like to fight, and a person like me is perfect for accusing and judging. Basically, I use this blog not to socialize, but to let go of at least some negativity in my life. When people are nice to me, I’m nice to them too. Sometimes I even make friends. But I own nothing to those who don’t like me or agree with me. Still, it does hurt a bit, being called names and told to kill yourself when you’re trying your hardest to leave your bed in the morning and go through at least this one more day, but that’s just how things work.

  1. helloitsimi said: (Those people are assholes, being mean to deme is like kicking a bunny)
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